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B/A Load Binders Ratchet Style

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B/A Load Binders Ratchet Style

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SKU: 11-RTLB-12

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Description of Load Binders Ratchet Style


Load Binders provide powerful load binding and the ratcheting motion of the binder easily draws the ends together, providing maximum tension with minimal effort. Strong handles and special leverage design allows the user to easily snap the binder into place. Ratchet binder offers added mechanical advantage for easier use. Industrial grade red finish provides weather resistance and easy identification. 


 Binder Chain Fit

     - 11-RTLB-1: 3/8"-1/2"

     - 11-RTLB-2: 1/2"-5/8" 

     - 11-RTLB-3: 5/16"-3/8" 

     - 11-RTLB-4: 5/16"-3/8" 

     - 11-RTLB-8: 1/2"-5/8" 

     - 11-RTLB-9: 5/8"-3/4" 

     - 11-RTLB-12: 3/8"-1/2" 

     - 11-DRX15: 3/8"

• Binder WLL

     - 11-RTLB-1: 9,200 lbs

     - 11-RTLB-2: 13,000 lbs

     - 11-RTLB-3: 6,600 lbs

     - 11-RTLB-4: 8,800 lbs

     - 11-RTLB-8: 16,000 lbs

     - 11-RTLB-9: 18,100 lbs

     - 11-RTLB-12: 12,000 lbs

     - 11-DRX15: 15,000 lbs

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