We are proud to announce we will be offering daily truck rentals! Any company OR individual that meets the financial and insurance requirements can rent a tow truck. Our primary goal is to help you expand your fleet for a short period of time or simply replace a truck while its being repaired. We are working hard to build a fleet for you to choose from. Keep tuned or give us a call to see what is available for rent!




Daily Rate (min 14 days) $300

Normal Mileage (under 200 miles/day) .25/mile

High Mileage (over 200 miles/day) .30/mile

Delivery & Pick-up Fee (out of State only) $3.00/mile


* NOTES: 1. Per terms and conditions of rental agreement. 2. Requires Pre-Approval of Credit Card and/or Insurance Company Purchase Order. 3. All rental agreements begin and end in Oklahoma City, OK. 4. The company using/renting the truck shall be responsible for all charges and fees per term of agreement. 5. All rentals requiring pickup on completion will require a two-day lead-time to prevent extra daily charges.